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Destined To Flourish

Destined To Flourish

It began as an idea on a vacant plot of land on the outskirts of Fort Worth. Fifty years later, that idea has evolved into Fort Worth Country Day, one of the premier independent schools in the country.

The Founding Trustees, a group of trailblazing parents who initiated the establishment of Fort Worth Country Day, wanted more than just another School. Their search for the school’s first headmaster took them all the way to Kansas City where they found a leader who had a love of academics, a deep appreciation for the arts, an understanding of the importance of athletic pursuits, and who would ensure that its graduates would become fully engaged citizens in their respective communities.

Over the decades, successive headmasters improved upon the ideals on which the School was founded, each one filling in more of the mural and building upon the vision of the School’s Founding Trustees.

Destined to Flourish, FWCD's 50th anniversary commemorative book, is also about distinguished faculty that day in and day out, year after year, strives to connect students to their subjects in ways that decades later still resonates with them. Years after the students graduate, those memories come rushing back of teachers who ignited lifelong sparks.

Lastly, Destined to Flourish tells the story of the parents who have tirelessly given of their leadership and their resources to ensure that Fort Worth Country Day remains the star it has always been. Without their unwavering commitment to establish—and forever maintain—a school where children become adults who are destined to flourish, Fort Worth Country Day would still be little more than a patch of ground.

A commemorative book celebrating Fort Worth Country Day's 50th anniversary, Destined to Flourish 1963-2013, features 82 pages rich in text and filled with images that depict the 50-year journey of the School and how it became Fort Worth's first educational independent school.

Books are available for purchase on campus in the Campus Store.

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