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FWCD Timeline

FWCD Timeline

Fort Worth Country Day’s leadership—including Trustees, administrators, faculty and staff—have always embraced rigorous planning that paves the way for progress. The School has stayed ahead of the curve in every possible way to assure excellence in the classroom, on the playing field and on the stage. FWCD has always been committed to being innovators in all disciplines of a child’s education.

1961 Interested parents discuss forming an independent day school.

1962 Ten acres of land are purchased and the Board of Trustees begin interviewing candidates for the position of Headmaster. Peter A. Schwartz, headmaster of Pembroke Country Day School in Kansas City, Missouri, is hired as the founding headmaster of FWCD in May. December 12, 1962: Ground is broken in preparation for construction of Fort Worth Country Day School.

1963 Fort Worth Country Day School opens its doors with 210 students, grades 1-9 and 17 teachers on September 9. The campus comprises three original buildings known as Buildings A (classroom), B (administration) and C (cafeteria).

1964 80 additional acres of land is purchased. Annie Richardson Bass Lower School is built.

1967 Sid W. Richardson Gymnasium is completed. First senior class graduats—this class began as freshmen when the School opened.

1972 Upper School Science Building and greenhouse are completed.

1974 500 seat stadium and four tennis courts are completed.

1975 Peter A. Schwartz Library Learning Center is completed.

1976 Edgar (Ted) Sanford begins as headmaster.

1977 Wooden wheelchair ramps added, permanent ramps.

1978 William E. Scott Fine Arts Center completed. The complex is later named the Sanford Arts Center in honor of headmaster Edgar “Ted” Sanford and his wife Diana. The theater was later named the William E. Scott Theater.

1979 Moved into Ryan Lower School addition
(groundbreaking 12/14/78; moved in fall 79).

1980 Moncrief Middle School addition, Campus Plaza with fountain, stadium lights and concession stand completed.

1982 Square gymnasium completed and ready for 1982-83 school year.

1987 Geoffrey C. Butler begins as headmaster.

1988 Secured entrance, guard house and gates completed. 25th Founder Day Anniversary Celebration.

1991 Kindergarten building complete and moved into January 1, 1991. Kindergarten building named the Geoffrey C. Butler Kindergarten in May 1996.

1994 William A. and Elizabeth B. Moncrief Library and Technology Center completed.

1995 Paul W. Mason Middle School completed (after 32 years as part of the Lower School, 5th grade became a part of MS, Grades K-4 Lower School and Grades 5-8 Middle School).

1996 Graham Brown begins as headmaster. The grounds of the campus are completely re-landscaped during 1996-1998.

1997 Original Building A remodeled and dedicated as Upper School Science Center.

1998 FWCD celebrated its 35th year with return of all former headmasters, former trustees and the announcement of the plan for Trustees Plaza. Trustees Plaza dedicated.

2001 Peter Briggs becomes Interim headmaster.

2002 Evan Peterson begins as headmaster.

2004 Second entrance to campus opened.

2008 Fischer Dining Pavilion opens.

2009 Sid W. Richardson Visual Arts Center opens.

2010 Lou and Nick Martin Campus Center opens.

2012 Paul W. Mason Middle School Expansion opens.

2013 Fort Worth Country Day Celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

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