Fort Worth Country Day

Middle School

Broadening Perspectives

At FWCD, Middle School students begin to learn about their emerging talents and interests as they experience a range of artistic and athletic opportunities. The key is experimentation and exploration. The FWCD staff and faculty strive to broaden our students’ world views and encourage them to “branch out” and try new things. Here, students discover the thrill of accomplishment and the true meaning of determination, as they experience both the successes and challenges that ultimately shape their self-image and character.

Middle school encourages students to begin to think like young adults. At FWCD, we help them understand themselves as learners—and leaders. The curriculum becomes more abstract and thought-provoking as students mature. We know that students’ paths to success are unique and require personalized learning strategies that work for individual styles. In grades 5-8, students are introduced to many new educational and extracurricular options to explore as they move toward the heightened expectations of the Upper School.

Specifically designed for the needs of 21st-century students, the Middle School places an emphasis on the “Six C’s”: creativity, character, critical thinking, communication, cosmopolitanism/cross-cultural competency and collaboration.

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