Fort Worth Country Day

Middle School

Outside-the-Classroom Learning

“Outside-the-classroom” education is a cornerstone of our Middle School program. In addition to various outings throughout the year, each grade level participates in fun and engaging overnight trips that work hand in hand with the students’ class studies. These annual excursions are a much anticipated tradition as well as an FWCD rite of passage. In the fall, fifth-graders spend several days at Sky Ranch in Van, Texas, and take part in science-based courses in a “living classroom” in tandem with team building, fun and games. In spring, sixth-graders trek to Austin, where they visit the state capitol and learn more about their Texas heritage. The seventh-graders travel to Vicksburg, Mississippi, to bring their study of American history to life, and eighth-graders take their weeklong Big Bend Trip, which includes environmental science lessons and some breathtaking hikes.

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