Fort Worth Country Day

Upper School

Life In Upper School

This is an exciting stage of growth, when our students gain a greater appreciation for the many opportunities that lie ahead. To ensure success, FWCD teachers, administrators, coaches and counselors guide and mentor students every step of the way. The entire School community takes pride in the transformation that occurs in the Upper School years at FWCD, as our Falcons spread their wings and prepare to take flight.

At FWCD, Upper School students follow a block schedule that incorporates four 75-minute class periods each day. These extended classes improve both teaching and learning, as teachers have more time to examine and reevaluate their lessons, and students have more time to grasp and process information. The nature of the work in a 75-minute class enables faculty to go into greater depth on a particular topic, as well as facilitates discussion, peer collaboration and one-to-one learning.

With anticipation of their lives in college, students are charged with holding themselves to the highest standards. During Upper School, students come into their own and become deeply involved in actively supporting their school and community.

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